Terms & Conditions

All bookings made are legally bound to all terms set out below.


Bookings:  deposits for transportation will vary depending on the total sum of the job. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Balances are expected to be cleared before any job takes place unless stated upon the time of booking or under special arrangements made with PTP. Rates are only changeable in accordance with rises in VAT or excessive fuel costs which could not have been predicted at the time of booking (bookings taken more than 1 year in advance).

Cancellations:  If you require to cancel a booking made, any monies taken will be lost as the vehicle would have been booked for a substantial amount of time. PTP cannot take responsibility for any change of circumstances in a clients calendar or personal circumstances. If a booking is cancelled within 3 months of the event the client is liable for 100% of the fee, the fee will be taken off the card details provided. If a booking is cancelled outside of the 3 months the client will be liable for 50% of the total amount or if the payment in full has already been taken any monies will not be refunded. PTP reserve the right to do so with credit card details taken on the time of the booking and if contested the T&C's will overrule and will be supplied to the card company.

Accident:  If a vehicle is involved in an accident PTP will do everything within its power to replace the vehicle with the exact same vehicle model and colour. PTP cannot be held at fault if we cannot find the exact replacement colour. If the same make or model cannot be provided, PTP will try and upgrade a client. If this is not possible a full refund can be arranged within reason of an alternative not being at all suitable. If the client agrees to the replacement vehicle, any right to a discount or refund will be forfeited. PTP reserve the right to provide a same make and model of a vehicle if an accident has taken place with no discount or refund available.

Damage:  Any vandalism or damage caused to a vehicle by a client will be the sole responsibility of the client. The client if found to be damaging the vehicle deliberatly, will be liable for charges while the vehicle is off the road and seeking repairs. Loss of a vehicle for a day not trading can vary from £250-£1000 per day.

Extra Time:  If a clients booking has over run, he/she will be liable for extra monies owed at rates varying from £50-£175 per hour depending on the vehicle. If a clients lateness is having a knock on effect on a later booked job, PTP reserve the right to leave and no refund or discount will be given to the client. To ensure this does not occur, the exact times and addresses must be supplied to PTP in advance.


Payments:  PTP require a minimum of a 50% deposit for any event or function it under takes unless stated at the time of booking. Any late payments made to PTP can be charged at an interest rate of 2% per week until the full balance is cleared.

Damage:  Any damage caused to the property of PTP or one of its sub-contractors by a client or its guests will be charged to a client to either repair or replace.

Confidentiality:  Any photos used of a PTP planned or managed event will be kept strictly confidential unless the client has allowed such items to be disclosed such as video or imagery.

Sub-Contractors:  To any companies who book PTP vehicles, they shall remain liable for the same terms and conditions as private PTP clients.