Guy Bayley

“We were faced with a 5 week deadline to organise a celebration event in Manchester for 220 people. A colleague suggested we talk to P2P, who were brilliant from the outset. They worked with us to understand our needs & budget, came up with a list of potential venues, refined the itinerary as the date approached & our thoughts developed. P2P organised everything, we managed to invite our own staff & come up with some corporate branding the rest was P2P. The event came in on budget & the feedback from our staff who attended was extremely positive. 

The venue, Bijou, was perfect & met our original specification completely, even the Manchester weather could not spoil the evening, with the last minute addition of a marquee supplied by P2P. The evening went like clockwork & all our staff had a great time. Even the day before Armaan & his team were coming up with minor improvements, right down to table covers. As the main event contact I was kept appraised of all the relevant events during the evening & there were no nasty surprises. Everything was taken care of, the set up including our own branding & the clear up afterwards all were handled by P2P. 

I would recommend P2P & next time I have an event to organise I know where to go. “

Guy Bayley- Chep 


Jason Roberts

" I have relied on People To Places for the past 4 years now..

They have an outstanding level of service with a classic personal touch, this is why I choose to use them over and over again.

People To Places are my forth emergency service.  "

Jason Robert MBE

Jason Roberts

Christian James

"We’ve worked with People to Places on a number of projects, from fast turnaround AV based presentations to complex nationwide promotional events for major UK brands. On every occasion they have delivered to the brief and added significant value beyond it. If you want an events team that are professional, meticulous and unflappable, look no further than People to Places. "

The if agency
Christian James, Managing Director

Talina Naviede‏

"I definitely expected my 18th Birthday to be much more stressful than it was, I thought I would be panicking about it for months. Would I get the venue I really wanted, what kind of entertainment would be best for my guests, would I be able to capture the event in a way I’d never be able to forget it? These were all the questions going through my head when I thought about planning an 18th. When it came down to I had none of these things to worry about, the People to Places team were unbelievable, going through every detail, even down to the colour of the sweets I’d want on the ‘sweet cart’.

The owner of the company, Armaan Chohan, worked with me and my parents personally, spending months learning about me and the kind of event I’d want. He provided me with so many different options for possibilities of how my party would turn out, from video and photobooths to digital dance floors covered in photos of me with all my friends and family. Whilst having a large input, in the sense of arranging the party, People to Places enabled me to take a lot of control of how I wanted the event to be, really helping me to personalize it and make sure my party was unique to me. I was unaware of the huge amounts of effort People to Places went to in organizing my party, until I actually arrived at the venue on the night. The best way of describing how I felt was that, I was blown away. They had completely transformed the venue into a chic London-style club, with deep purple lights and circus acts helping to really create an atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised to find a design of my initials subtly projected onto the walls and dance floor, creating a party that was completely unique to me. People to places had also gone to the effort of hiring caterers to serve nibbles to guests throughout the evening, I knew this would be an absolute success with the guests, as I’d attended a food tasting a few weeks before and the food was ideal to even the most basic of palates.

To me an 18th Birthday party is one of the most important occasions, one that you have to get right and remember for the rest of your life, for the right reasons. People to Places gave me exactly what I wanted, there wasn’t a single thing that I’d say I wish they had or hadn’t done and to be honest I didn’t really even have to lift a finger. Every one of my guests, who attended the party, came away with huge grins on their faces, sore feet from so much dancing, and full stomachs from the delicious food. The best thing about it was that the entire evening was filmed, so even if I wanted to I would never be able to forget the fabulous night that People to Places arranged for me."

Talina Naviede‏